Ep:1 - Awakening In the Cells

“You awake in the subterranean cells below the human city of Synergy. The human guards brought you here after a protracted fight in the streets, you eventually fell to their superior numbers and your body bears the cuts and bruises of a fairly significant beating, likely at the hands of the guards you didn’t render unconscious. As you take note of your injuries, none serious, you also notice that aside from your underwear, you have been stripped of all your weapons, armour, and items. Frustrated by the thoroughness of your jailer’s search, you curse aloud. It is then that you hear movement in the darkness around you, in the shadows at the far side of your cell is another body, also starting to stir. Then as you rise to your feet and approach the bars of your cell you see another two prisoners across the narrow hallway in a cell of their own. Down the hall there are more cells, though you can’t tell how many more. You think back to the events that brought you here; you knew your actions in the city would likely not be looked upon with favour, yet you never suspected the reaction your received from the city watch. It seems disproportionate, though you are aware that Synergy has been wary of non-humans in the wake of the orcish attack years ago, becoming more isolationist and somewhat paranoid. While you know that they’ll drag you before a magistrate sooner or later, you do not feel confident that the magistrate would look kindly on your true reasons for being out past the curfew, nor do you have time to waste. You need out of these cells, and quickly, with no idea how much time has passed your window of opportunity is closing.”

- meeting each other and getting key from guard.
- leave dungeon down stairs and Jett interacts with wizard
- teleported to tower of the magi
- speak with librarian
- end up at The Dead Fox

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