Maz Az'uul


The centre of trade, both a central hub for diplomacy among Outskirt Civilizations, legal trade, and the black market, Maz Az’uul is a expansive bazaar, as impressive as any of the Great Cities. It is primarily operated by incredibly wealthy families at the centre of power, a puppet mayor-ship and an elite Mercenary guard known as the Red Cowls. There is continual infighting and power struggles among the ruling families, and the Red Cowls are equally divided, albeit all are loosely unified under a singular modus-operandi: profit.

The city is mostly isolated, save for smaller shanty towns on the outskirts, and the terrain is barren and infertile, making Trade the sole industry. It is also home to the headquarters of the Thieves guild who mostly operate legally within blurry laws of the city, many among their ranks using the Bazaar strictly for fencing rather than sport, running taverns and brothels, and taking contracts with the many ruling families. Save for the aforementioned legal operations, the Thieves guild otherwise conduct their primary affairs outside of Maz Az’uul.

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Maz Az'uul

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